I read that the stock in Shopee will be updated according to Shopify's stock. Does it apply in the opposite way?

Yes, but there is a difference between how we track changes in Shopee stock. This app is built for sellers who's main shop is on Shopify and who want to expand to Shopee as a channel. That's why when you change the stock on Shopify, the stock on Shopee will change to match the stock in Shopify. However if you manually update the stock in Shopee, it does not change the stock in Shopify.

Instead the app keeps track of stock changes in Shopee by importing Shopee orders into Shopify. So,

  • if you manually change the stock in Shopee, it will not change the stock in Shopify,
  • if the stock changes in Shopee because of an order, it will change the stock in Shopify.

For example, this is how it we track Shopee stock changes when orders are imported:

  1. Shopify stock is 10
  2. The app updates Shopee stock to 10
  3. Someone creates an order for the product on Shopee
  4. Shopee stock is now 9 because Shopee removes the stock
  5. The app creates a new Shopify order with the product
  6. Because there is a new Shopify order, Shopify stock now goes down to 9
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