Force Shopee / Lazada stock to 0 when Shopify stock is low

This is available on Shopee & Lazada

This feature is useful when products are selling fast and keep over selling. While the app tries to update both Shopify and Shopee as quickly as possible, but there will always be a little lag when trying to sync on 2 different platforms.

Once you enable this setting, not all the products on Shopee will be updated immediately. The app only updates Shopee whenever Shopify notifies us of any change to the Shopify product. Usually this is enough since your shop does plenty of updates.

If you want to make sure all the products have been to the new stock, you can force update by following the instructions here: How do I manually update all my linked Shopee products?

Depending on how many products you have it might take a few hours for all your Shopee products to finish updating.

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