How do I disconnect my Lazada Shop from the app?

To disconnect your Lazada shop from the app, please log into your Seller (Seller Center) dashboard and follow the steps below:

(Updated method as of 10 June 2023)

  1. Look for "Support" on the left sidebar in your seller center dashboard, click on "Third Party Apps"

  1. Look for "Easy Lazada" and click on "Deauthorize" to disconnect the store.

(Older way - may be obsolete as of 10 June 2023)

1. Look for the gear icon to go into your settings page - it's at the bottom right of the page as of the time of writing this guide:

2. Click on 'Third Party Apps' in the settings menu:

3. Look for 'Easy Shopee' in the list of apps and click on 'Deauthorize'

4. Confirm it and you're done! Your Lazada shop is now disconnected from Easy Shopee.

A few things to note,

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