Why am I getting a duplicate product error? What should I do?

This error happens when you try to add a Shopify product to Shopee but there is already a product with the same name listed on your Shopee Shop.

How do I fix this?

  • You can log into Shopee Seller Centre, search for the product and delete it on Shopee. Then you can try adding the product from the app again.

Why did I get this error? 

There could be a few reasons,

  • Your shop might have added the product from the Shopee Channel app before, then decided to disconnect the product. Note that disconnecting a product will only disable syncing. It will not delete the Shopee product.

  • Your shop might have deleted the Shopify product, then added a new Shopify product with the same name. Note that the app will automatically disconnect the product when it is deleted.
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