Bulk link products from Shopee and Lazada to Shopify

We do not have feature to use a template to mass link your existing products yet. But we can help you do it manually! The process is going to look like this

  1. make sure you have already connected to both Shopee and Lazada by going to Shopify Admin > Apps > Easy Shopee & Lazada > Add to Shopee and Shopify Admin > Apps > Easy Shopee & Lazada > Add to Lazada
  2. You need send us 2 CSV files: one with Shopify Product ID and Shopee Product ID you want to link. Another file with the Shopify Product ID and Lazada Product ID you want to link. To find the IDs please read

Note that the files have to be plain text CSV files that look like this







  1. we will validate the files to make sure they are working. We will let you know if there are problems with the CSV files
  2. once all the files are correct, we will start linking the products immediately. What happens after products are manually linked?

Note that the app is built for sellers that use Shopify as their main store, who want to expand to Shopee as a channel. This will affect your current workflow, for example,

  • New Shopee orders will be created on Shopify but new Shopify orders are not created on Shopee
  • You can update Shopee price whenever the Shopify price is updated but changing Shopee price will not change the Shopify price.


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