Why can't I find my product when using the "Added to Shopee", "Added to Lazada" filter?

We're sorry about the confusion! This is a limitation of the way Shopify works.

The problem is that Shopify cannot show us all your products all at once. Instead Shopify shows us products 1 page at a time. For example, if you have 150 products, the app can only show 15 products at a time. And the app will have to split up those products into 10 pages. You will be able to see all your products clicking the arrow button at the bottom of the page (see red box in screenshot) to see the next page.

When you use the "Added to Lazada" filter. The app will only filter the products on the current page. But if your product is on the last page, you have to click on the arrow button to keep going to the last page to see the product added on the last page.

If you search by product name, Shopify let's the app show 10 products per page from the search results. If your search is precise enough and the product is in the first 10 products that Shopify finds, you'll be able to see your product on the first page.

For example, if you have 152 products on Shopify and only 4 products are linked to Lazada. The app cannot ask Shopify to show just the 4 products that are linked. Instead the app can only ask Shopify to show us all the products on Shopify and Shopify will show us all the products, but split up into pages. So all the 152 products will be split up into 11 pages.

page 1 - products 1-15
page 2 - products 16-30
page 3 - products 31-45

the 4 products that you have linked might be on any of those pages. For example, 1 of the linked products could be on page 2.

page 1 - products 1-15
page 2 - products 16-30 <--- linked product here
page 3 - products 31-45

That's why when you filter by Added to Lazada it does not show on the first page. You might have to click on the next page button a few times to see it.

An alternative way to see all the products you've already added if by doing a stock check: How do I do a stock check?

This will give you an CSV file with a list of all the products already linked to Shopee, together with their stock count.

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