Can I import my older orders from Shopee into Shopify?

If you want to import existing (old) orders from Shopee into Shopify, please be wary of the following limitations:

  1. Shopify does not allow us to create backdated orders to match the Shopee order date. Therefore when we import the orders from Shopee, all of the orders created on Shopify will have the same date. For example, If we import it tomorrow on Jan 1 2022, all the Shopify orders will have the same date marked s "Jan 2 2022".
  2. If you have existing linked products when the import happen, the Shopify stock for the products you have linked will be affected because of the app's inventory tracking. For example, product A that is synced on both Shopee and Shopify was purchased in two of the orders imported. The app will deduct Shopify's inventory by 2 to account for the orders imported, and you would have to adjust the stock again after the orders have been imported. This will not be an issue if there are no existing product links.
  3. Shopee will only let us import orders from up to 15 days ago.

If you'd like still like to do so while being aware of the following limitations, please let us know. Thank you!

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