Variant Syncing Limitations when Lazada Product uses category that do not allow flexible variants

Lazada has a very rigid way of setting up products. They only allow a few categories to have flexible variants. Out of 3,000 categories only about 300 categories allow variants with arbitrary names.

If you rely on the app to sync Shopify variants to Lazada, you will have a few problems when using categories that do not allow flexible variants

  • adding a new Shopify variant will not add a new Lazada variant
  • removing a Shopify variant will not remove the Lazada variant,
  • updating the SKU of the Shopify variant will not update the SKU of the Lazada variant

If you manually add a Lazada variant or change the SKU of a Lazada variant,

  1. make sure that the SKUs are exactly the same on Lazada and Shopify
  2. disconnect the product on the app by going to Easy Shopee > Add to Lazada > Look for the product and click "Disconnect"
  3. Reconnect the product by going to Easy Shopee > Lazada Preferences > manually link a Shopify and Lazada product

If you don't do this the Lazada variant is no longer linked from Shopify. When the variant is not linked to Shopify then the app will no longer be able to track the stock and Shopify orders will no longer be linked to this variant

We understand that this is a lot of trouble but Lazada has said that they are already fixing this. I'll update this page updated once that fix is out!

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