Why can't I find my category when I try to add to Lazada?

This article is no longer valid. We released a fix for this on Aug 26 2022 so all Lazada categories are now available .

Unfortunately Lazada has a very rigid way of setting up products. They only allow a few categories to have flexible variants. Out of 3,000 categories only about 300 categories allow variants with arbitrary names.

For example,

  • with "Pet Supplies > Pet Healthcare > Fleas & Ticks > Sprays", Lazada only allows 1 variation.
  • With "Pet Supplies > Pet Food > Dog Food & Treat > Dog Treats > Bones", Lazada only allows 1 type of variation, "pets_flavor", and they must use only one of these options: "Turkey, Not Specified, Others, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish / Seafood, Vegetable, Salmon" etc. So if your product on Shopify uses size instead of flavor, there is no way to create a Lazada product with this category. Or if your product on Shopify uses flavor, but has flavors that are not on the list it will not work as well.

How do I fix this?

If you need to use a specific category that the app does not provide, this is a temporary workaround:

  1. Let's say you want to use the category "Pet Supplies > Pet Food > Dog Food & Treat > Dog Treats > Jerky". But the app only let's you add with "Pet Supplies > Pet Accessories > Toys".
  2. Use the app to add the product to Lazada with the "wrong" category, for example, with "Pet Supplies > Pet Accessories > Toys".
  3. Log in to Lazada and use Lazada to edit new product that was just added. First change the variation name to exactly the same as that of the desired category's default variation, e.g. "Pets Flavor"

  4. Submit (save the changes). The variants option themselves are still the same, i.e. "200 g" and "500 g" as added from the app.
  5. Once the variation name has been changed, change the category to the new category, i.e. "Pet Supplies > Pet Food > Dog Food & Treat > Dog Treats > Jerky"
  6. Submit (save the changes)

We understand that this is a lot of trouble but I just heard from Lazada that they are already fixing this. I'll update this page updated once that fix is out!

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