How do I fulfill Shopee Orders?

Depending on your circumstances, there are a few ways to fulfill your Shopee Orders:

  1. If the Shopee order uses "Seller's Own Fleet Delivery", you can fulfill the order directly from Shopify. For more information please read: How to fulfill Seller's Own Delivery from Shopee
  2. If the Shopee order does not use "Seller's Own Fleet Delivery" we recommend logging into Shopee Seller Center and using Shopee to fulfill the Shopee. The app will automatically sync the status of the Shopee order to Shopify. For more information please read: What do my Shopify orders look like after they are synced from Shopee?
  3. If you cannot log into Shopee, you can use the app to fulfill the Shopee Order by going to Easy Shopee > Shopee Airway Bills and printing the Shopee Airway Bills from this page. Note that  only "To Ship" Shopee orders will be shown here and they will only be shown when the Shopee Airway Bills are ready.

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