What does a Shopee customer look like after they are imported to Shopify?

When the app imports a Shopee customer,

  • the app imports the address from the order
  • it also imports the phone number from the order
  • the Shopee username is added together with the customer's name
  • they will be tagged with "Shopee"
  • There will also be a note on the customer that says "Shopee Customer"


On August 2022, Shopee announced that they will mask some customer information based on country: https://open.shopee.com/announcements/584?category=3&is_top=false

For example, based on Shopee's table, if your shop is based in Singapore, you will not be able to see the customers full name. But you will be able to see the full address and phone number.

Shopee will never share customers email addresses with third party apps.

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