Why are the variants squeezed into 1 option when adding a product into Lazada?

The reason that the app squeezes the variants into 1 option is because unlike Shopify, Lazada has a very rigid system for their categories. With Shopify you can create variants using flexible options, for example, you can chosse Size and Color and you can use any value you want for Size and Color.

It is a lot more rigid for Lazada. For example in Singapore if you choose the category:

"Audio > DJ Equipment > DJ Controllers"

Lazada only allows two types of options:

1. color_family
2. Variation

If we use color_family we can use only one of these options:

  • Maroon
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • etc

So if your product on Shopify uses size instead of flavor, there is no way to create a Lazada product with this category. Or if your product on Shopify uses color but has colors that are not on the list it will not work as well.

That's why the app chooses to use the "2. Variation" type. This is the only flexible option on Lazada where we get to use any value we want. And because there is only 1 Variation option, we can't split them up into two levels like in Shopify and we have to squeeze both into the same option.

I hope this makes sense! We're still trying to find a better way to do this but it's hard with Lazada because their category system is so limited.

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