The plan is at $5/month to add up to 10 products to Shopee and/or Lazada, could you elaborate on this? Is it per month 10 products and does direct uploading in Shopee and/or Lazada count into this quota?

The 10 product limit is only for products that are currently linked between Shopify and Shopee and/or Lazada. Only products that linked by the app are synced. You can always see how many products are linked by looking at the current plan section of the Preferences page.

Here are some examples for when products are counted:

  • If you use the app to Add a Shopify product to Shopee, that product will be automatically linked and will be counted. Only linked products can be synced.
  • If you have a product already synced to Shopee, syncing the same product to Lazada counts as another sync toward the plan. IE, a product synced to both Shopee and Lazada will count as 2 towards the plan.
  • If you use the app to Add a Shopify product to Shopee but after that decide to disconnect the product from Shopee, the product will no longer be counted.
  • If you create a new product on Shopify but you have not used the app to add it to Shopee it will not be counted.
  • If you manually create a product on Shopee, it will not be counted but it's stock cannot be synced by the app because the product is not linked.
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