How do I track stock changes if I disable order imports?

If your shop uses a separate warehouse app that keeps track of the inventory, then use that warehouse app to update the stock on Shopify. Then our app just takes the Shopify stock count and syncs it with Shopee.

As long as the Shopify stock count is the "real" stock count, the app will update Shopee correctly.

How it works is:

  1. let's say there is 10 stock for a product called Red T Shirt
  2. someone orders the product from Shopee
  3. you add the order into the warehouse app
  4. the warehouse app now updates the stock to 9
  5. the warehouse app also updates Shopify so the Shopify stock is 9
  6. the Shopee Channel app (our app) sees the stock change on Shopify, then updates the Shopee stock to 9.
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