After I publish the product to Shopee, what happens if I manually change the product name, description or images on Shopee?

Stock syncing will work normally if you change the name, description, images etc on Shopee. The app keeps track of the products through Shopee and Shopify's internal IDs so it will not affect the links between them.

After adding the Shopify product to Shopee the app can synchronize the stock, price, name, description and image changes from Shopify to Shopee.

However if you want to have different Shopify and Shopee name, description or images you need to disable syncing for name, description or images. If you choose to use the app to sync name, description or images from Shopify to Shopee, then the changes you made to Shopee will be overwritten. For example,

  1. You have set up the app to Sync Images from ​​​​​​Shopify to Lazada
  2. You change the Shopee image,
  3. The Shopify image is not affected
  4. You change the Shopify product,
  5. The Shopee image is now replaced with the Shopify image
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