Does the app support Oberlo, DSer or Dropshipping?

Probably not!

In order to sell on Shopee, you have to use one of their Shipping options. For example:

Generally the workflow for Sellers is,

  1. An order is created on Shopee,
  2. the app creates an order on Shopify,
  3. the seller prints a Shopee Airway Bill (AWB) and delivers the product at hand with the AWB
  4. the buyer receives the product

If you try to ship from China you won't be able to select any of these options. If you cannot ship with one of these options you won't be able move the order from "Ready" to "Shipped" on Shopee.

The last time I checked with Shopee they did not support drop shipping unless you have special permission from Shopee.

The only exceptions are shops that have special permission from Shopee that have the "Seller's Own Delivery" or "Ship from Overseas" shipping options. If you have these special shipping options from Shopee, the app will work with your workflow.

In addition to this,

  1. Because of the way Shopify works, dropshipping apps do not share their stocks and fulfillment with other apps so there is no way for our app to track your stock.
  2. Shopee and Lazada does not allow sellers to dropship, and will ban any apps that encourage it. We would be breaching our contract with Shopee if we allowed dropshipping.
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