What does it mean when TikTok integration is in is new and still being tested?

When a feature is in Beta it means that it's functionally complete, but operationally we're still working on it. We'd love for you to try this feature, but we don't recommend depending on it yet.

While we've tested this feature rigorously leading up to this Beta release, but it's possible we haven't encountered every scenario possible yet.

When you are using the feature it will help us collect that data.

We'd love to hear your feedback by sending an email to help@sanemen.com

Upcoming Features

Let us know if you would like us to prioritize a feature

✅ Sync stock

✅ Import orders

✅ Sync Prices

🔲 Add product to TikTok - 2 weeks

🔲 Sync Title - 1 week

🔲 Sync Description - 1 week

🔲 Sync Images - 1 week

🔲 Sync Variants - 4 weeks

Ongoing Issues

None right now

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