How do I extend my connection to Lazada?

You can reconnect to Lazada by using Chrome on Desktop (not the phone!) to go to:

Shopify Admin > Easy Shopee & Lazada > Shopee Preferences > Lazada Account and click on Extend Connection (see screenshot)

Clicking on the link will take you to the Lazada Marketplace. Make sure that

  • "Authorization Only" and
  • "Half a year"

are selected and blue then click on "Authorized use"

Once done, please revisit the Lazada's marketplace. From there, look at the top sidebar on the right, Order Management -> All Orders

On the All Orders page, look for the My Service tab on the right.

There should be Easy Lazada app there, click on use service.

Then make sure "You have carefully read and agreed Authorisation Notice" is checked, and click "Agree"

If successful, you will be redirected back to our app and this will extend your Lazada connection for 6 months.

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