How do I use Lazada's "Special price"?

First you need to enable the special price feature on the app by checking this on the preferences page (see screenshot below)

After that the app will add products to by setting the Lazada special price to Shopify's price.

Note that if you already have Lazada products linked to Shopify products, and you have price syncing enabled, the app will start syncing the Shopify price (see screenshot) to Lazada's Special price.

Shopify Variant Price

This will set the special price on Lazada (see screenshot)

By default Lazada will only show the discount 1 hour AFTER the special price is set. So you will only see the "discount" on the Lazada product page after 1 hour. You can change this by using the Lazada product page on the Lazada

Note that there are a few restrictions when updating prices:

  • The Lazada Special must be lower than the Lazada price.
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