Why isn't the Shopify stock deducted when the app imports an unpaid Lazada order?

Unfortunately we cannot take out stock on Lazada when the Lazada order is unpaid. We used to do this before Oct 20, 2021 but when we took out stock for unpaid Lazada orders we kept having Lazada stock issues.

The problem is that Lazada does not remove the stock when the order is unpaid. So when the app takes out the stock when it is unpaid, Lazada will take the stock out again when the order is paid. So the stock ends up getting taken out twice. After trying a few weeks we ended up going following Lazada's workflow. The app will only take out stock when Lazada takes out the stock. That's why Shopify stock is only removed when the Lazada order is paid.

We're really sorry that this is causing you problems. But it's hard to fix this because it will break stock syncing on Lazada if we don't do this.

Note that this only affects unpaid Lazada orders. Once the Lazada order is paid the stock will be taken out of Shopify.

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