Why do I have to connect to Shopee V2?

Shopee is moving to a new system (Shopee V2) to handle products and orders. It will replace Shopee's current system (Shopee V1). As Shopee moves to the new system, they will stop supporting features on their old system.

For example, Shopee has a new feature to add images into descriptions. This feature is only available Shopee V2. Because of this change the app can no longer update the product with Shopee's old V1 system. The app can only update the product with the Shopee V2 system.

How to enable Shopee V2

You can enable the new Shopee V2 system on your shop by going to:

Shopify Admin > Easy Shopee > Shopee Preferences > Shopee V2 Account and click on Connect

a535944e55b293a154e52090c0ffea09.pngAfter you connect to Shopee's V2 system you do not need to do anything else! 

You will be connected to both V1 and V2 at the same time. We are busy changing the rest of the app to use the V2 system and once everything has been updated you should not see any differences.

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