How to apply for a brand in Lazada?

<New way - if this does not work for you please try the older way>

1. Log into your sellercenter dashboard and visit the add products page:

2. Select any category to reveal the bottom part of the form, we're looking for the brand dropdown to click on "Add New Brand":

3. You should be redirected to the form to request for a new brand, please fill it up and wait for Lazada to respond.

<Older way - this is being kept in case it still works for some of our Lazada users>

Important, there is a requirement from Lazada before you can apply for a brand:

1. Look for the gear icon to go into your settings page - it's at the bottom right of the page as of the time of writing this guide:

2. Click on profile from the sidebar:

3. Click on brands from the top navigation:

4. Follow the instructions to apply for your brand.

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