What are the rules for creating products on Shopee?

Shopee has a lot of rules for creating products, the page includes a list of them. Note that the app will let you know if you break any of the rules before you add to Shopee, so you don't have to memorize them (see screenshot below).

Note that these rules are not comprehensive, Shopee may add or change these rules and the app will try to update the rules as soon as we find out about them:

  • the product must have a title
  • the product must have a description,
  • you must have at least 3 images
  • with each image larger than 640x640px
  • Shopee will reject the same image if it is used twice so you need to make the images different.
  • Variant price differences must be less than 7x for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The price difference must be less than 5x for the Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan. Only variants that are within the price difference will be synced to Shopee.
  • Quantity of combinations of all 2 tier options is up to 50. E.g. when there are 2 options, Size and Style, the number of Sizes x the number of Styles must be less than 50.
  • Option length must be less than 20. E.g. there must not be more than 50 sizes or 50 styles.
  • the name of the option must not be more than 14 characters. E.g. "Size" is ok. ""Sizeeeeeeeeeeee" is not ok.
  • the value of the option must not be more than 20 characters long. For example, "L", "M", "XL" are ok. "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL" is not ok.
  • there can be only a maximum of 2 options. E.g. Size and Style. But not Size, Style, Material.
  • the stock must not be a negative number
  • the stock must be less than 999999 for all variants
  • the weight must be greater than 0g.

For Singapore only:

  • the description must be between 50-3000 characters,
  • the title must be between 20-120 characters
  • the price must be more than $0
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