Why do I have incorrect shipping prices on my Shopify order?

Our customers have noticed that sometimes the shipping price for an imported order is $0 even though they have enabled syncing shipping prices from Shopee. This happens because Shopee has delays when calculating the shopping fees, which breaks the way the app creates orders on Shopify. For example, let's say:

  1. at 1pm, there is a new order on Shopee. Shopee does not know the shipping cost yet, so it is still $0
  2. right after 1pm, the app will create create new Shopify order as soon as possible, importing the line item, fees. The app sets the shipping fee at $0 because that is what Shopee has.
  3. at 2pm, Shopee updates the order shipping fee from $0 -> $2.9
  4. the app can see the new shipping fee, but can't update the Shopify order anymore because of Shopify rules.

To fix this we can delay importing the Shopee order for 2 hours. We've noticed that after 2 hours Shopee usually has the correct shipping amount. However note the delaying it for 2 hours mean that you will not see the order on Shopify for 2 hours. If you would like to do this in order to have accurate order prices, please email: help@sanemen.com

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