How to use Shopify Metafields to set the Brand on Shopee

First make sure that you enable this feature on the app by going to

Shopify Admin > Apps > Easy Shopee > Shopee Preferences and checking this fieldWith this feature the App will be able to automatically set the Brand field on Shopee (see screenshot below) based on the Shopify Metafield for the Shopify Product.

For this to work make sure that 

  • the Metafield is set on the product
  • the Metafield has the "Shopee" namespace and the "Brand" Key (see screenshot)
  • the brand name already exists on Shopee. The app cannot automatically create a new brand if the brand does not exist on Shopee.

Once the Metafield is set up correctly, the app will select the correct Brand on the Shopee product when you Add the product to Shopee, or whenever you change the metafields.

To edit the metafields for the product this example used an app called Webify Metafields Editor but feel free to use any other app.

Metafields are basically "extra" data you can add to any Shopify product. It's built into every Shopify product but strangely Shopify never released their own metafield editor.

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