Using "Include Shopee Shipping Fee paid by Seller" when importing Shopee orders

What is this preference for?

The app includes an option to add the Shopee shipping fee to the Shopify order, you can enable the feature with the checkbox.

This is the shipping fee that Shopee charges to the seller (not the buyer). It shows up as a negative number on the Shipping Subtotal row (red box on the screenshot) when you look at the Shopee Order Income Details in Shopee Seller Center.

What are the limitations when using this setting?

Sometimes this fee does not get added to the Shopify order. This problem happens because the app creates the Shopify order faster than Shopee can provide the final shipping cost. 

If this is happening to you email to delay importing the Shopee order by 2 hours. Usually this is enough time for Shopee to get the final shipping cost. But it does mean that the Shopify order is created 2 hours later.

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