How often does the app sync Shopify product information to Shopee?

The app depends on Shopify to notify us whenever the Shopify product is changed. The app then updates Shopee whenever the Shopify product is updated. For example, if you change the title, description, stock, image etc on Shopify, it will trigger an update and the app will update Shopee immediately.

However, if there are no updates on the Shopify product then we would never update Shopee. For example:

1. At 10am: if the Shopify stock changed to 10, we will update the Shopee stock to 10. Both Shopify and Shopee stock are at 10.
2. At 11am: if you manually change the Shopee stock to 8. The Shopify stock will be at 10, while the Shopee stock is at 8.
3. At 12pm: the Shopify stock changes to 9. Then the Shopee stock will be changed to 9.

Note that between 11am-12pm the Shopee stock is at 8 because there were no updates on Shopify.

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